History of MAF

Series of events before and after its foundation.

Short history of MAF- Aikikai Macedonia


1974 – First seminar held by Hiroshi Tada sensei in Belgrade (SFRY).
1978 – First promoter of the aikido in Macedonia- Hrista Janchulovski (Macedonia was still part of the SFRY).
1986 – 1989 – aikido as a section at a judo club in Bitola.
1991 – Republic of Macedonia becomes an independent country.
1992 – A group of enthusiasts starts to train aikido in an improvised conditions in Kumanovo.
1993 – First officially registered aikido club in Macedonia - Aikido Club “KUMANOVO”- in Kumanovo, 27.12.1993. The club works independently lead by Ljubisha Petrovski, who while learning, teaches others members of the club as well.
1995 – AC “Kumanovo” establishes connections with, at that time, Yugoslavian Aikido Federation and organizes the first official aikido seminar in R. Macedonia with Mr. Novak Yerkov (at the time 2nd Dan).
1996 – AC “Kumanovo” participates at the seminar in Belgrade, Serbia, held by Masatake Fujita sensei (8.Dan), representative of the Aikikai headquarters in Japan.
1997 – Shihan Masatomi Ikeda sensei (7. Dan) becomes technical director of YAF.
1998 – Mustafa Aygun sensei from Turkey holds a seminar in Bitola, Macedonia.
2000 – Two newly opened aikido clubs (one from Skopje and one from Bitola) established the first aikido organization in Macedonia - Macedonian aikido association and elected Mr. Mustafa Aygun as their technical director.
2001 – Shihan Masatomi Ikeda sensei, technical director of YAF at that time, retires from the active aikido life for health reasons, and the seminars in Serbia are continued to be held by Michele Quaranta sensei.
2002 – Damjan Cingarski from Skopje, Macedonia, starts to visit the seminars of Mr. Michele Quaranta sensei in Serbia.
2003 – AC “Kumanovo” expands into "Center for Martial Arts – Kobukai Shingen"
2004 – “CMA – Kobukai Shingen” participates at the seminar in Belgrade, Serbia, held by Masatake Fujita sensei – sent by Hombu, the Aikikai headquarters, Tokyo, Japan.
2004 – “CMA – Kobukai Shingen” organizes a seminar in Kumanovo with Njegosh Djakovic sensei (4th Dan).
2005 – Damjan Cingarski establishes AC “Henbo aikido dojo” in Skopje.
2005 – AC “Henbo” organizes the first seminar with Michele Quaranta sensei in Skopje, R. Macedonia.
2006 – The number of people practicing aikido is growing rapidly and another aikido club is formed in Skopje – AC "Aikido Ikeda dojo".

2006 – AC "Henbo" together with AC "Aikido Ikeda dojo" establishes the MACEDONIAN AIKIDO FEDERATION – AIKIKAI MACEDONIA.

2008 – AC “Zanshin” - the successor of “CMA – Kobukai Shingen” from Kumanovo joins the MAF - Aikikai Macedonia.
2011 – AC "Bushido" from Veles joins the MAF - Aikikai Macedonia.
2012 – MAF - Aikikai Macedonia sends its representative to the IAF congress in Tokio, Japan.
2016 – MAF - Aikikai Macedonia sends its representative to the IAF congress in Takasaki, Japan.
2016 – AC "Heishi" from Skopje joins the MAF - Aikikai Macedonia.

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